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The Texas Supreme Court treats Democrats fighting for the right to vote as criminals

In the meantime, Republicans would have a hard time getting a quorum anyway because they are members of the death cult and infecting each other with COVID-19.


More Republicans are out today due to Covid, around 10. You will need to be quarantined for 2 weeks … there will likely be no quorum in Abbott's second suppression session.

– Representative Ana-Maria Ramos (@ Ramos4Texas) August 7, 2021

Meanwhile, the Texas Senate is pushing ahead with the election restrictions. On Monday, the Senate State Affairs Committee put forward SB 1, which would discourage local governments from taking initiatives to expand access, restrict postal voting, restrict email voting, and potentially harass and intimidate voters Ban partisan “poll watchers” while restricting their oversight by electoral officials, and establish new rules – with possible criminal penalties – to prevent people from helping others vote. This also includes carers who help people with disabilities make their choice.

Now that the Senate has put the bipartisan infrastructure bill out of the way, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer must use his ruse of getting the vote to speak before the Senate breaks this week, and he must have President Joe Biden and get Vice President Kamala Harris to help him.

Time is of the essence – not just for the freedom of the Texas Democrats, but because the states begin redistributing and designating new congressional districts next week. Any Republican in charge of this process will cheat and create ridiculous gerrymanders to eliminate seats in the Democratic House. There is no question that this is the intent of every elected Republican right now.

Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have to see whatever it takes.

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