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"His music was louder than what a security guard prefers," so Alvin Motley is shot

He also underlined his message in a statement. "There's no reason a black man trying to fill up his car should lose his life because his music was louder than what a security guard prefers," said Crump. "To me there is no question that this crime was racially motivated and that a white person who played loud music under similar circumstances would be alive."

In a statement received from Commercial Appeal, Kroger said that Livingston was employed by a third party and that he was not an employee of Kroger. "We are deeply sad, extremely angry and appalled by this senseless violence," said the company's announcement. “Our hearts are with the Motley family. The tragic incident involved an outside contractor who was providing security at our fuel center on Poplar Avenue. "

“We ask all external contractors to respect and honor our core values ​​such as respect, diversity and inclusion. We would like to thank the Memphis Police Department for their prompt action. The only result we strive for is justice. "

Motley's death is one of at least three in which a black man was killed because of his music. Aidan Ellison, a 19-year-old hotel guest from Oregon, was shot dead on November 23, 2020, just three days before Thanksgiving, when a white man thought his music was too loud. Ellison was killed on the eight-year anniversary of the death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis. The son of Rep. Lucy McBath of Georgia, Jordan, was at a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida when a white man later convicted of murder shot and killed the teenager because his music was perceived as too loud. "I write a letter to my son every year. Read below – and remember that in this country there are still thousands of families being torn apart by gun violence every day, ”McBath tweeted last November.


Today it's been 8 years since my son Jordan was stolen from me.

I write a letter to my son every year. Read on below – and remember that there are still thousands of families in this country who are being torn apart by gun violence every day.

– Lucy McBath (@lucymcbath) November 23, 2020

She continued:

“To Jordan: I miss you. It's been eight years since I got to hug and kiss you. Little did I know that the last time I hugged you was the last time in this life that I hugged you.

You didn't deserve to die like this, but our laws have failed you, us, and countless families like ours. I know the man who killed you wasn't raised the way I raised you. But I decided not to be silent – to challenge the laws that forbade us.

I know you look down on me, and I pray that I will make you proud – to do the job you were meant to do, Jordan. Can you believe I'm starting my second term in Congress? It wasn't in the cards or in any life plan we had.

I know that eight years ago you were not taken from us for nothing. It can't be like that. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you, but it comforts me to know that one day I'll hug you again and hear your voice and laugh when I come to you.

But until God decides that day has come, I promise you that I will keep fighting for you and your legacy. To make this world a safer place for families like ours. I love you so much.

Forever, your mother, Lucy "

Motley, who lived in Chicago, was visiting his family in Memphis when he stopped to refuel at the Kroger gas station, his relatives told WREG News Channel 3. He was a former Horn Lake police officer in Mississippi and trained as a security guard The news channel reported two weeks before his death.

"My God says to forgive," said Motley's father, Alvin Motley Sr. "I forgive the man, but I want him to be punished in full." Livingston is being held in the Shelby County Jail on a $ 1.8 million bond, WREG reported.


This is Alvin Motley. The family shared this photo with me and said he was a local celebrity in his Chicago community, an aspiring actor and entertainer who loved his family.

They say he was in Memphis Saturday for a business trip and to see / surprise loved ones. @ 3onyourside

– Symone Woolridge (@SymoneTV) August 9, 2021

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