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Cheers and Cheers: Thursday

Cheers and Jeers for Thursday, August 12, 2021

Note: My toothpaste says it fights bad breath for hours. But it never says if it will win.

By numbers:

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2 days!!!

Days to all US. Service employees must be vaccinated: 34

Days to National Creamsicle Day: 2

Percent of doctors interviewed by Harris who say the pandemic forced technical upgrades that would normally have taken years: 62%

Decline in Olympic attendance at the 2016 Games: -36%

Costs for a two-day stay for two people in a guest studio in the new Star Wars Hotel at Disney World: $ 4,809

IIncrease in cannabis sales in Maine from June to July, partly thanks to "a surge of summer tourists taking advantage of the state's legal cannabis market. ": 45%

Water temperature off the coast of Portland, Maine: 65F

Your Molly Ivins Moment on Thursday:

The only people I see in public office trying to deal with the problem of this economy are Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy.

Reich has fought valiantly to put the minimum wage on his boss's agenda and to make improvement and proposal after proposal for workers' training. Kennedy launched a multi-pronged plan earlier this month to attack what he calls "the silent depression," which contains loads of carrots and sticks to get companies to do the right thing. (One day even Conservatives will notice that Ted Kennedy is the most effective senator in Washington: he has a wonderful habit of getting Republicans like Nancy Kassebaum and Orrin Hatch to support good laws.)

Kennedy's plan covers the Federal Reserve Board, proposes a two-tier corporate tax plan to favor those who treat workers well, closes many smelly corporate tax loopholes, curbs mergers and acquisitions, helps small businesses, helps workers, helps secure Retirement plans, and more.
—February, 1996

Puppy picture of the day: Piglet says hello.

APPLAUSE too calloused voting fingers. Wow – it's like these federal megaproject bills are moving at the speed of a bullet train, which is ironic because the only thing inexplicably missing from the legislation is bullet train money. Well, my life is only made up of hopes and dreams shattered on the rocks of disappointment. But enough of me Let's look at the goods that is gently packed into the three. Period. Five. Trillion. Dollar. legislative "household suitcase" passed by the Democrats on Tuesday:

The Senate passed a comprehensive Democratic budget by party line early Wednesday that would allow Medicare, education and environmental measures to be expanded largely through higher taxes on the rich and corporations.

Senate vote on $ 3.5 trillion budget resolution, Aug 11, 2021
And away we go …

The Democrats said earlier this week that the legislative package they are planning would fund programs to support families, fight climate change and expand health and education programs. The Democrats plan to include a language that introduces a universal Pre-K for 3- and 4-year-olds, clears tuition fees for community colleges for two years, grants green cards to millions of immigrants and families, and prescription costs Medication lowers. among other things.

But don't ask for your new government hearing aids or cataract surgery just yet because both the Senate and House of Representatives are now on vacation. Which brings us to today's C&J Happy Fun tip: Don't think of Ted Cruz playing beach volleyball in a thong. It won't end well in any way imaginable.

APPLAUSE to keep your hands to yourself. The prediction that this will be the next New York governor, Kathy Hochul, whose career has skyrocketed in large part thanks to the defeats of a number of perverted men in Empire State politics, is no exaggeration to predict. When Andrew "Captain Grabby" Cuomo starts packing his shit, let's find out a little more about the future governor Hochul:

Surname: Kathy Hochul.

Okay, I've seen enough and I like them! Haha was just kidding. There is more …

Born: August 27, 1958 in Buffalo

New York Lt. Gov Kathy Hochul, left, hands the Senate hammer to Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, D-Yonkers as she speaks to members of the Senate on the opening day of the 2019 legislature in the Senate Chamber of the Capitol, Wednesday, January 9, 2019, in Albany, NY (AP Photo / Hans Pennink)
Bonus: If Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart (r) von Hochul is elected her co-pilot, she will become New York's first Black Lt. Governor.

Training: Syracuse University (BA) and Columbus School of Law (JD) at Catholic University.

Previous activities: As a student, successfully lobbying Syracuse University to divest its stake in South Africa to protest apartheid; Counsel to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan; Erie County Employee; US Congressman 2011-2013; Lieutenant Governor of New York since 2015.

Policy settings: Everyday, if somewhat more conservative, democratic tendencies.

Family: Fancy lawyer husband; two cattle animals.

In 12 days, Hochul becomes the first female governor of New York. Gosh, it was only 233 years ago. What's the rush?

APPLAUSE to compassionate conservatism. 66 years ago today, on August 12, 1955, that liberal riot, President Dwight Eisenhower, raised the minimum hourly wage from $ 75 to $ 1 per hour. Or, as Republicans would say today, "a dollar too much".



APPLAUSE great moments inventing things. Wipe the donut powder off your face and sit up straight, this is important. This week marks the 108th anniversary of the Invention of stainless steel. It was developed by metallurgist Harry Brearley, who had the common sense "to add chromium to molten iron (which creates a metal that won't rust.") Stainless steel is an ubiquitous part of life on earth today. But about the nooses and arrows of the Teflon is enough to survive modern politics.

JEERS As of today's edition of Well, This is escalating quickly. Courtesy of the National Hurricane Center:

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Say hello to fred

This was today's edition of Well, That’s Escalating Quickly.

At C&J ten years ago: August 12, 2011

JEERS on Wall Street's Law of Gravity: What takes a painfully long time to rise must collapse in no more than four consecutive trading sessions. After the Dow closed another 49 bajillion points (I rounded up) I called to find out what was left of the meager 401k I built on my last job. Apparently I only have six pfennigs, four marbles, a half-eaten tuna sandwich, and the proceeds of Victoria Jackson's comeback tour. But I've been told that in twenty years I can retire with a cow and two packs of chewing gum if I just bring it out and keep my wits about it. Count me in!!!

And only one more thing …

APPLAUSE at a wild time in the Hawk Eye State. The sky will be a mixture of sun and clouds and the air will be hot but not brooding Iowa through the weekend, and for the latter one owes the vats of gushing fat and wandering gangs of bloating politicians in the legendary State fair it starts today. This time the traditional one 600 pounds butter cow (whose butter is recycled and can be reused for up to ten years, it is said) has society in the form of a replica of the famous slide of the fair on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. And another Tradition that will come into its own is the awkward eating of the corn dogs. So, for the sake of the old days, enjoy these memories of the 2012 golden presidential election year (the guy on the bottom left was responsible for our atomic bombs recently and I think the guy on the top right just came to The Village People as a construction worker) with a bonus ice cream cone, who is thoroughly embarrassed to be seen with the guy who was recently fired from CNN for being a racist lunatic:

Republicans eat corn dogs and ice cream at the Iowa State Fair in 2012.

People really love watching politicians clog their faces at the fair. Mainly because it silences her for a few minutes.

Have a nice thursday. Floor & # 39; s open … What are you cheering and howling about today?

Today's shameless C&J testimonial

"Bill in Portland Maine is a beloved blogger of Daily Kos, a personal favorite of mine. But is he apparently also offensive? Who knew! "

—Rachel Leishman

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