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Richter denies attempts by Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and MyPillow to end the Dominion defamation lawsuit

Lindell's dismissal was based solely on where Dominion had filed his lawsuit against him. The MyPillow man claimed his business was in Minnesota and so Dominion Voting Systems should have sued him in his home area. Dominion argued that although they could file a lawsuit there, Mr. Pillow-Brain organized so much defamation and lied in Washington, DC that they believed DC had a greater interest in deciding what to do be Mr. Lindell. Judge Nichols writes: "Lindell therefore failed to provide overwhelming evidence to support the transfer justified and the court refuses to transfer the case against him. "

This means that these three anti-democratic charlatans will have to continue to face legal music as the process progresses. Judge Nichols also concluded that the First Amendment did not grant the three "blanket immunity" under the banner of free speech.

There is initially no blanket immunity for utterances of a “political” nature: the fact that utterances were made in a “political“ context ”does not immunize every utterance they contain indiscriminately, according to the appellate court Recognize the value of an “imaginative expression” or a “rhetorical exaggeration”. But it is just not the law that proven false information cannot be prosecuted if made in an election.

MyPillow man Mike Lindell has tried filing a diverse conspiracy lawsuit against Dominion for playing an offensive, while Rudy Giuliani allegedly condescends to recording cameo greetings for a few hundred dollars a pop. * Sidney Powell appears to be on a defense, that she is not a credible person and therefore cannot defame anything.

Thoughts and prayers.

*True story.

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