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The president of the Texas hospital system warns hospitals of a "disaster" amid a wave of Covid

Houston's President and CEO of Harris Health Systems, Dr. Esmaeil Porsa, warned that given the burden of caring for a surge in Covid-19 patients, hospitals are facing a "disaster" as the highly contagious Delta variant continues to spread.

"My hospitals are full … the increase in our Covid-positive patients is worrying," said Porsa on CNN's New Day, noting that the hospital system has admitted the same number of Covid-19 patients as it had months during the previous one To achieve ascent.

"If this continues as it is now in five weeks – and I reiterate that I see no interventions, no mitigating interventions to try to slow this down – it will be a disaster," he said.

Porsa also noted that the hospital system was using "A pandemic of the unvaccinated" and that 98% of the system's Covid-19 cases since January 1st have been unvaccinated.

“We don't live in isolation. This is not about personal freedom or individual choice. A person's personal freedom should not interfere with other people's freedom and right to health and out of hospital. A person's freedom to drink and drive a car does not violate our drunk driving laws. Your personal freedom to smoke does not override our ban on smoking in public. Your personal freedom to wear a seat belt does not negate our seat belt laws or prevent parents from having to buckle their children who are unable to do so, ”he said.

You can see Porsa's interview in the video below.

In just five weeks, Houston’s Harris Health System enrolled the same number of Covid-19 patients it previously took three months, says President and CEO Dr. Esmaeil Porsa.
"If this continues as it is now … it will be a disaster." Https://

mMore than 10,000 Texans have been hospitalized this week alone, with more than half of Texan's hospitals operating at maximum capacity in their intensive care units.

Porsa also spoke to state lawmakers on Tuesday, warning them that he is afraid of the current surge and what the coming days and weeks will bring.

“If this continues, and I have no reason to believe that it will not, there is no way my hospital will be able to handle it. The region will not be able to handle that, ”he said. I am one of those people who always see the glass half full, I always see the silver lining on the horizon. But I'm afraid of what's to come. "

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