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The teacher shows tears to the white woman as she quits her job because of a new trans-inclusive policy

“Head of the school, I'm quitting,” announced elementary school teacher Laura Morris, adding that she was giving up school policies and training and “ceasing to be a cog in a machine that tells me I was politicizing agendas for our most vulnerable populations enforce … The children. ”Morris spoke on a trans-inclusive policy recently approved by the Loudoun County School Board in Loudoun County, Virginia, which aligns with the state's new guidance for the Department of Education to develop model language guidelines for transsexual students .

"I was told in one of my so-called justice training courses that white, Christian, healthy women are currently in power in our school and that, quote, 'This has to change,'" says Morris, who says she was an educator for 10 years , including five in the Loudoun district, said at the August 10 meeting. She said she “struggled” with the decision to work in a district that offered a “flashy” salary but “promotes political ideologies that are inconsistent with who I am as a believer and Christian”.

"You made your point clear," she continued. “You no longer value me or many of the other teachers you employed in this district. Since my contract determines the power you have over my employment in Loudon County Public Schools, I felt it necessary to step down before you. ”She then encouraged all parents to“ flood ”private schools and found that they could find work elsewhere would.

You can watch a clip of her resignation here.


A woman who says she is a teacher in Loudoun County just burst into tears when she told the school board that she disregarded the transgender pronoun policy because of her beliefs and she told the board that she was doing her job gave notice on the spot. @nbcwashington

– Drew Wilder (@DrewWilderTV) August 11, 2021

And here on YouTube.

If you're wondering what the trans-inclusive policy includes, here are a few highlights:

Students are allowed to use their correct names and pronouns, and staff are expected to use them too. Students are allowed to use the toilets and locker rooms based on their gender identity and participate in extracurricular activities, including sports, based on their gender. Thanks to a 7-2 vote on Wednesday 11th August, the policy will take effect immediately.

In short: all good, sensible, simple changes that do not represent a significant effort on the part of the school or the staff, but can legitimately be life-changing for the students.

The new policy also states in part: "Employees or students who willfully and persistently refuse to respect a student's gender identity by using the wrong name and gender pronoun are in violation of this policy." Schools are also required to complete additional LGBTQ + skills training that focuses on issues such as bullying and discrimination prevention.

Substitute teacher Emily Hart also said the policy would "force" teachers to act against their religious beliefs, according to local NBC 4 Washington news agency.

Fortunately, not everyone who showed up at the meeting spat out transphobia.

"Equal rights for all school children is important to me," said Charlotte McDonnell, a parent, at the meeting, as the local news agency WUSA 9 reported. "And I believe if we protect transgender students and people of color we are protecting all students, so we can make sure we have justice in our schools without taking anything away from others, so we can make sure we have justice in our schools, without taking anything away. "

Another parent with kids in school, Cris Candae Tuck, said the policy will allow trans kids to feel "accepted" and "validated". Tucker added that students "can just be your average normal student with all of this hanging over their heads".

If the chaos in this county sounds vaguely familiar, it may be because elementary school teacher Tanner Cross spoke out against trans-inclusive policies back in May. Cross was suspended, which led to a lawsuit against him, and he has since been reinstated. You may also remember that Step Up Virginia, a decidedly conservative group, went to a series of school board meetings to fight transsexual rights.

Given that the nation is still facing a global pandemic, families are worried about getting food on the table and paying rent, and hospitals reaching their capacities, one might think that people would mobilize to help each other to help, but when it comes to transphobia, people really don't know any limits.

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