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“This is what racism looks like”: DC policeman shoots, kills black man who slept in the car

A firearm has been recovered from the BMW and the incident is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department, Internal Affairs and the Department of Homicide, the chief said. About five officers were involved in the Gilmore incident, but the chief said it appears that only one officer – who has not been publicly named – has been fired. "After the shots were fired, the person in the car appeared to have driven the vehicle off Florida Avenue and New York Avenue, where it" came to a standstill, "Contee said, admitting that the firing officer 's body cam footage was captured by the The officer's ballistic shield were blocked. "If we check and look through the body warning camera, we are trying to get a better picture of what happened, but at the moment the first officer's body-worn camera appears to be a bit limited," said the officer Contee: "The view is somewhat restricted by the ballistic shield placed in front of him, if that makes sense."

Warning: This video contains disturbing footage of a police shooting that may be difficult for some viewers to see.


DC Police are NOT allowed to shoot moving cars. It is clearly against the debt policy! Why did an officer kill Antwan Gilmore? He slept in his car & NO threat! When they woke him, his car lurched forward … and an officer fired 10 TIMES ?! Request #JusticeForAntwanGilmore!

– Ben Crump (@AttorneyCrump) August 30, 2021

He said the officers did not know if the driver was drunk. "Well, it's obviously not a situation we want to find ourselves in, but we know very clearly that we had an armed person behind the wheel of a vehicle," said Contee. “There was probably about a 20 minute gap between the time the officers responded and the time the officers actually hired the person. During that time, the officers came up with a plan and tried to figure out how best to solve the problem when an armed person is sleeping behind the wheel of a car at a traffic light. ”Contee said the officers were" careful "to get the driver to work wake up. "You hear things like 'we don't want to scare him'" said the chief. It is unclear what specific action prompted the officer to shoot Gilmore.

"It's unfortunate," Contee said when asked about the fact that this is the second police shootout in 24 hours involving officers. The suspect, who was shot dead in the other incident that occurred during that period, survived, a local news channel reported. "It is unfortunate that we have to meet armed armed men face to face in our community," said Contee. “You know, when people are in possession of illegal firearms – we've been talking about that for a long time – it makes communities unsafe. It makes our cops unsafe. ”He added that it is“ unfortunate that someone lost their life ”but that he is“ happy ”that the policeman was not injured in the situation.

Krysten Thomas, a law student in Georgetown, and Paul Seamus Ryan, vice president of politics and litigation at the nonprofit government oversight, Common Cause, tweeted Friday that they were long-time neighbors of Gilmore. "@DCPoliceDept found my friend and longtime neighbor #AntwanGilmore slept in his car, scared him awake, then shot him and killed him, ”Ryan said in his tweet. “This other guy shut down Capitol Hill for a day with a bomb threat and then was gently taken into custody. This is what racism looks like. "

Thomas, who retweeted Ryan, said, “#AntwanGilmore was our neighbor for over 15 years and he didn't deserve to die at a traffic light. Black Heart As @ThePaulSRyan said, this is what racism looks like. I want to say more because Antwan deserves it, but I really don't know what else to say. # Stunned # Destroyed on the ground. "

DC Council member Janeese Lewis George similarly tweeted on a thread Wednesday, “Sitting here and figuring out how law enforcement can successfully de-escalate a white native terrorist in a truck that threatens to bomb the Capitol blow up but no black man who fell is sleeping in his car? "She called for the" immediate release of all body camera footage and full investigation "of the two most recent police shootings in DC." Every shootout is a tragedy, "she said." Our communities need transparency and accountability. "


This morning we also mourn the tragic loss of an 8-year-old child who was shot and killed in PG County. So I want to make it clear that we can work to end the gun violence that is ravaging our communities, but also to make the police more accountable. These are not mutually exclusive.

– Janeese Lewis George (@ Janeese4DC) August 25, 2021

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