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March For Our Lives vows to end the NRA by taking away a new video

In a new video, March For Our Lives called the NRA as a failure and vowed to quit the job and end the gun lobby.


“The NRA canceled their convention this week to the 'Health and Safety', but when have you ever cared more about safety than guns and profit? " March To the Our Lives Executive Director Alexis Confer. "How ironic it is how the New York attorney general is suing" to the its dissolution, as three NRA board members have resigned in the past few weeks and more and more Americans are turning against the corrupt ways of the NRA. This video makes it clear that the NRA cannot and cannot run away from accountability March To the Our lives will be there at every turn until young people and Americans are safe from their scourge. "

It is undeniable that the bankrupt and ailing NRA is at the lowest point in its history. There is no more bragging from the gun lobby. Republicans continue to take their money, but Democrats are not afraid of them.

The NRA climbed into bed with Trump and allegedly laundered Russian money to Trump and other Republican candidates, but it didn't help. The NRA is an organization that was both on the wrong side of the gun issue and bloated with greed and corruption.

The NRA is on its way down, and it could be a group of kids who mobilized after the shooting at school in Parkland, FL and left the job.

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