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New poll shows the majority of the US believes they are "seriously astray" – and wow, do you think ?!

According to a new poll by Politico / Morning Consult, six in ten American voters believe the country is "quite seriously astray".

The results are not as obvious as one might think.

The first question anyone with half a brain would ask is, "What the hell is wrong with the other 4 people?"

Regardless, the poll does not bode well for President Joe Biden's tenure.

As Biden finishes his speech, a new poll by @ politico– @ MorningConsult shows that support for the withdrawal from Afghanistan has fallen.

"Now 49 percent of registered voters support the withdrawal, up from 69 percent in April."

– Alex Ward (@alexbward) August 16, 2021

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Wrong track? What did it reveal?

61% of respondents say the country is on the wrong track, 37% say the country is moving in the right direction.

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Americans will always have political disagreements, but you need to ask yourself, how does anyone find all of this all right?

Who are these 37%?

And while most Americans in Afghanistan are seething over the boondoggle, this Mardi Gras of Failure began on January 20th.

Donald Trump left office with the US, which was energy independent for the first time in about 75 years. First thing Joe Biden did? The Keystone pipeline has been canceled. According to the AAA, the average price for a gallon of gas in America today is $ 3.17. Conicidence?

But we also get a bonus with this more expensive refueling, we become dependent on countries shouting "Death to America" ​​and we see our leaders beg the OPEC cartel to increase their production.

While we pay more at the pump, we also pay more at the grocery store.

Food prices rose 0.7% in July, according to So what could you say, oh but wait a minute. Add in some fuzzy Joe Biden math and you find out that prices are up 2.6% over the past year. (Of course, these are only "official" numbers. Anyone who has been to the supermarket knows that the prices are much higher.)

Liberals always try to tell you what to do; Is This a Subtle Way to Get Americans to Follow a Collective Diet?

Can't afford to refuel your car or buy groceries? Bam, you are dieting whether you like it or not.

New Hampshire registered voters flooded President Joe Biden's approval in the latest poll, largely to blame for the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving Americans behind.

– Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) September 1, 2021

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Biden border pain and a buying frenzy

The second thing Joe Biden did when he became president, or at least it seems so, was to open the doors to our southern border. It seemed the logical thing to do to Joe.

After all, all of these immigration policies were Donald Trump's. They worked? Anyway, they have to go, orange man bad.

Thanks to Joe Biden and his government's insane hatred of one person, two million illegal immigrants will now cross the US southern border. Are these all just poor people from Central America? No. Some are on the terrorist watch list.

The icing on the cake of all of this, of course, is Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and their cheerful gang of Democrats handing out trillion dollar bills.

"Infrastructure" laws, little of which has to do with actual infrastructure, and $ 3 trillion household liquidation laws that make the term "household" a laughing stock.

For Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, it's all just a big pile of monopoly money. The funny thing is that Americans may be starting to find out that they won't pass "go," and they certainly don't get $ 200.

Instead, the funny money is called i-n-f-l-a-t-i-o-n, and despite what the funny newspapers say, it's not good.

Consult survey in the morning:

75% of voters believe the country is on the wrong track, including nearly 4 in 5 independent voters.

The poll marks the worst numbers on this issue since Trump was elected.

– Kyle Griffin (@ kylegriffin1) July 1, 2020

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There isn't enough space to talk about everything that has gone from the deep end in America thanks to Joe Biden.

And now, in addition to Critical Racial Theory (yes, let's teach kindergarten kids to hate each other, what could go wrong?) And the COVID mask police seemingly pulling a number out of their hat every morning and then dr tell us how many masks we should wear that day, we have the ultimate circus act: the Afghanistan trigger.

Do you remember the Politico / Morning Consult survey?

This poll suggests that the Biden government may live in an alternate universe. While the Biden people enjoy slapping each other on the shoulder for the "success" of withdrawing from the debacle they caused, a whopping 72% of those surveyed said they didn't think the withdrawal went well is.

Only 22% said it was going “very” or “somewhat” well.

And again – who in the world are these people?

Add the fact that the White House claims that 100-200 Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan and apparently has no problem with flying more Afghans than Americans out the door at the last minute.

The bottom line is, none of this, to use a popular millennial word, is sustainable.

Republicans are currently calling for the impeachment or resignation of Joe Biden. What if these Americans are not brought out of Afghanistan, or worse?

What if the influx of illegal immigrants becomes too much for the system, what it will eventually do? What if terrorists invade the US through the Southern Order and devise a plan that will make September 11th look like a day at the beach?

Are the Democrats really going to tell us to relax, is everything okay, everything under control? Do you really think people will believe you?

The Taliban hold military parades using equipment that Joe Biden left them with.

– Amy Tarkanian (@ MrsT106) September 1, 2021

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