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New Texas abortion law pushes Pelosi and Biden to seek federal action

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and President Joe Biden opposed the Supreme Court decision to allow the ban on most abortions in Texas on Wednesday.

The House spokesman, who claims to be Catholic, called the decision to allow pro-life legislation a "cowardly, nocturnal decision."

The law prohibits abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which can sometimes be as little as six weeks.

The court's cowardly decision to maintain an openly unconstitutional attack on women's rights and health is mind-boggling. The House of Representatives will launch the Women's Health Protection Act by Congressman Judy Chu to legislate reproductive health care for all women across America.

– Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) September 2, 2021

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Pelosi vow action

In response, Pelosi pledged to pass the “Women's Health Protection Act” when the House of Representatives resumes to meet Roe v. Codify Wade and give him a bigger shield from the Supreme Court.

About Texan law, Pelosi said:

“SB8 unleashes one of the most disturbing, unprecedented, and far-reaching attacks on healthcare providers – and anyone who in any way helps a woman gain access to an abortion – by creating a vigilante bounty system that has a deterrent effect on the provision of any reproductive health services.

This provision is a cynical backdoor attempt by partisan lawmakers to circumvent the Constitution and the law in order to destroy not only a woman's right to health care, but potentially any right or protection aimed at by partisan lawmakers. "

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Pelosi's problem will not lie in the House of Representatives, but in the Senate, with the 50-50 split.

BREAKING: The House spokeswoman said she was responding to the Supreme Court's "cowardly, nocturnal decision" to give the go-ahead to Texas’s extreme anti-abortion law.

– HuffPost (@HuffPost) September 2, 2021

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President Biden weighs too

President Joe Biden, whose defense lawyers have called him a "devout Catholic," is also angry with the pro-life law.

Biden said the law "blatantly violates the constitutional rights of women".

In a statement on Wednesday, Biden said: “And outrageously it advocates bringing lawsuits against anyone they believe has assisted another person with an abortion, including family members, health care workers and front desk workers could health clinic or strangers unrelated to the person. "

The President added, "My government is deeply committed to, and will protect and defend, the constitutional law enshrined in Roe against Wade nearly five decades ago."

I am beginning a state effort to respond to this decision – looking specifically at the HHS and DOJ to see what steps the federal government can take to isolate the people of Texas from this law and gain access to safe and legal abortions according to the protection to ensure roe.

– President Biden (@POTUS) September 2, 2021

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Democrats shout racism

Pelosi, Biden, and even Vice President Kamala Harris claimed that the law violates "Women of Color" the most. The Nancy Pelosi statement said: “SB8 is bringing disaster to women in Texas, especially women of color and women from low-income communities. Every woman everywhere has the constitutional right to basic health care. "

Joe Biden reiterated this opinion: "Texas law will severely affect women's access to the health care they need, especially for communities of color and those on low incomes."

Vice President Kamala Harris also appeared to read from the same topics of conversation: "This law will dramatically restrict access to reproductive medicine for women in Texas, especially low-income women and women of color."

As was to be expected in such a case, the court voted 5: 4 along ideological lines, with presiding judge John Roberts taking the side of the three liberal judges.

The Supreme Court ruling makes Dems angry! Https: //

– Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) September 2, 2021

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