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News Summary: Supreme Court Wins Roe Blasted From Dissenting Opinions; Ida delivers a dangerous final hit

The law is what three judges appointed by a tax evader say. And tomorrow it will be different.

On the News Today: As the northeast is rocking new floods, most of the other news today focuses on the Supreme Court decision allowing a clearly Roe-violating Texan anti-abortion law to go into effect – according to a majority of the Court scorns for the Texas plan to use civilian bounty hunters to enforce the law is such a delicate procedural issue that the far-right court has no choice but to have abortions effectively banned in the state while the court ponders it.

It's a cheap and inhumane move by five Supreme Court justices who now regularly use procedural instructions to rewrite U.S. law without explanation or court argument. Legislators in other Republican-led states are taking advantage of the newly discovered alleged loophole in our constitutional rights and are immediately proclaiming that they will be promoting similar "bounty" systems at all possible speed.

Here are some of what you might have missed:

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