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“He's running a fraudster”: While the Trump Tower tenants “implode”, the property continues to suck up MAGA cash

The Washington Post:

(A) s Trump Tower has been grappling with imploding tenants, political backlash, and a wider, pandemic-induced slump in Manhattan office rentals since last year – it could count on a reliable, high-paying tenant: former President Donald Trump's own political operation.

From March one of its committees Make America Great Again PAC paid $ 37,541.67 per month to rent office space on Nov.

This may not be the most efficient use of donors' money: the person familiar with Trump's PAC said that its staff do not use the office space on a regular basis. Also, for several months, Trump's PAC paid the Trump Organization $ 3,000 a month to rent a retail kiosk in the tower's lobby – even though the lobby was closed.

"This may not be the most efficient use of donors' money." For real? So isn't America going to be really doing great putting money into Donald Trump's personal pornstar payoff slush fund? I have trouble following such a logic.

While the campaign finance experts contacted by The Post pointed out that what Trump is doing does not appear to be illegal because "(t) this type of PAC has very few restrictions and no expiration date," it is clearly unethical .

"He's running a scam," said Paul S. Ryan, vice president of Common Cause, a campaign funding regulator. "Speaking of political expenditures – but actually collecting money for self-enrichment."

Yes, that's not just what Donald Trump is doing. He promised that when he was still wondering whether he should ruin our lives for four years.

Of course, Trump has to do something to prop up his purple shell of a flagship building. According to The Post, the tower's commercial space is only 75% occupied in the first quarter of this year. COVID-19 has ravaged commercial properties across the country, but Trump's building appears to have been hit harder than others in Manhattan. The vacancy rate for such buildings in the entire district is currently 18.4%. Trump's insistence on sprucing up his numbers by leaving his PAC in Trump Tower seems little more than a way to torture his followers and feed his own nest.

As The Post notes, the Make America Great Again PAC appears to be “a silent tenant”. In fact, the space, which could hold around 30 employees, currently only houses three. And, according to sources The Post spoke to, these employees typically work from home or from one of Trump's clubs. In fact, a Post reporter recently attempted to visit the PAC's office and was turned away by a security officer who said there was no point in checking because "no one would be there."

But that's not all! The Post also reports that Kelly Craft, a Trump-appointed U.S. ambassador, attempted to direct government business to one of his hotels while he was still tarnishing the White House, further exposing the long-standing grudges Trump was embroiled in.

In November 2018, Craft – then US Ambassador to Canada – received an email about an upcoming conference in Washington for ambassadors and other heads of mission. The email included a list of five recommended Washington hotels that had reserved blocks of rooms for conference attendees, along with specially negotiated rates between $ 119 and $ 181 a night.

Craft apparently ignored these recommendations.

“Is this a meeting I should attend? If so, I would prefer the TRUMP HOTEL, ”Craft wrote after forwarding the email to an employee, referring to the Trump International Hotel, which was owned and operated by Trump's company Federal government leased building is located.

American Oversight watchdog group, which obtained the recordings through a Freedom of Information Act request, said Craft had used their position to "fill the president's pockets," citing the incident as "an example of the casual corruption that has permeated the Trump administration and undermines confidence in the United States. "

Incidental Corruption? Nope. From where I am, it seems like they're working damn hard on it.

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