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The US is celebrating Labor Day by phasing out unemployment benefits for 7 million people

With these programs, I no longer had to worry so much about losing a ton of my income and now having to be at home with my kids 24/7, ”Portland, Oregon resident Briana Linden told Oregon Public Broadcasting. "It's really nerve-wracking to think that a tiny bit of stability is running out."

"This is a five-alert fire that we treat as if the danger is over, ”wrote Andrew Stettner, a Century Foundation fellow, in late August. "It is negligent to completely cut a record number of workers from unemployment benefits when the delta option goes up, which threatens the economic progress we have made." But the federal government is not moving towards another extension, and neither is that State governments do not reinforce.

At the same time, billions of dollars in emergency aid for rent have not been distributed by the states, and the Supreme Court ended the Biden government's eviction moratorium, meaning people will lose their unemployment benefits right after they lose their eviction protection but before housing benefits that should have already reached it, goes out.

Thanks to the Republican governors, we already know that unemployment is not causing a huge run on the job market. After dozens of Republican-controlled states prematurely discontinued services, employment did not rise. The people who lost their fragile lifeline suffered as a result – and they spent less money, which weighed on their local economy. And by the way, studies showed that this would happen before the cut-offs.

This is a disaster that is a disaster for people struggling to cope with the pandemic and it doesn't look like there is any political will to resolve any of the issues. So yes. Happy Labor Day.

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