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What is Joe Manchin doing, flying to Kentucky from Mitch McConnell?

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) took a private flight to Kentucky, where he made a brief stopover in Mitch McConnell's home state that afternoon. What is Manchin up to?

The Guardian's Hugo Lowell tweeted:

New: Sen. Joe Manchin's Piper Saratoga plane makes a round-trip flight from West Virginia to Mitch McConnells Kentucky today.


The last time Joe Manchin took a trip outside of the state that got people talking, he was traveling to Texas to hold a fundraiser for fossil fuel lobbyists.

Manchin is the chairman of the Senate committee that oversees the fossil fuel industry, and there is a lot of coal money in Kentucky. The rationale is that Manchin likely either met donors in Kentucky or promised someone he would work to get the climate change provisions out of the Atonement Act.

Senator Manchin will not change parties. There was no talk among Democrats about Joe Manchin's departure. Some people are unlikely to meet with McConnell at the filibuster either.

We know from Senator Manchin's public statements that he has problems with the costs and climate protection provisions in the Reconciliation Act.

If Manchin is actively working towards climate change out of the Law of Atonement, that is a problem that the Democrats must address.

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