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Liz Cheney urges Trump to bring it on after endorsing her main challenger

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) told Trump to bring it up after supporting her main Republican challenger.

Cheney responded to Trump's approval of her opponent:


In a lengthy statement, Cheney said:

NEW: Liz Cheney on Trump supporting her main challenger.
"It is tragic that some people in this race have sacrificed their duty to the people of Wyoming out of fear and loyalty to a former president who … provoked an attack on the US Capitol."
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Unlike the vast majority of Republican elected officials, Liz Cheney is not afraid of Trump. The former president has a lot to lose if he wades into a House of Representatives area code in Wyoming.

If Cheney wins the primaries against the Trump-backed opponent, it will destroy the myth that Trump is some kind of king and queen in the Republican Party that cannot be exceeded.

So far, Trump has chatted a big game but hasn't spent his super PAC on funding Republican candidates.

If Trump follows his usual pattern, he will give an endorsement, make a campaign appearance and that is all.

I wouldn't bet Liz Cheney beat the Trump-backed main challenger.

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