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News Summary: Idaho Hospitals Ration Supplies; Republicans prepare new election fraud

I can't imagine why Idaho hospitals are now warning that they will ration supplies to COVID-19 patients due to overwhelming demand.

On the news today: In scenes reminiscent of the first, once worst, months of the pandemic, overcrowded Idaho hospitals are now triggering emergency care rationing. The level of US tax evasion by the rich remains astounding – and that tax evasion directly harms our schools, health care, and other national priorities. While Fox News propagandists lay the foundations for a new "election fraud" joke in California, poll workers themselves remain at risk from the grotesque conspiracy sales of Republicanism. But of course that is on purpose. The goal is to clean up election officials who are unwilling to change election results due to Republican hoax, and death threats are becoming one of the means to do this.

Here are some of what you might have missed:

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