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Biden's number of job admissions has dropped again to the lowest level in his presidency

Just nine months after his presidency, Joe Biden is suffering from his lowest ever job enrollment.

Biden's job admission rate has fallen to just 39%, according to the latest Economist / YouGov released on Wednesday.

Biden has recorded steadily declining registration numbers since his failed withdrawal from Afghanistan.

This week, Biden's approval ratings plummet to the worst of his presidency

Approve: 39% (-6 from last week)
Reject: 49% (+4)

– YouGov America (@YouGovAmerica) September 8, 2021

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Several factors at play

In the most recent poll, 49% of respondents said they disagree and 12% said they were not sure.

Biden's approval rating has dropped six percent since the same group polled the previous week.

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A handful of different issues are causing Biden's job approval numbers to decline.

With groundbreaking cases of COVID among vaccinated people continuing and Americans expecting mask and vaccination regulations at their child's work or school, a recent Gallup poll showed that a large number of Americans, 42%, the Biden government did not consider clearly sees way to fight the virus.

Another big factor is the economy. The August jobs report said the economy created only 235,000 jobs, far fewer than the estimated 720,000 – despite the number of vacancies of around 10 million.

But by far the catastrophic withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan was the driving force behind the implosion of the work permit.

The @nytimes hasn't updated their "live" tracking of Joe Biden's approval ratings in almost 4 months.

It can't possibly be because of Biden's rapidly declining approval ratings, right?

– NewsBusters (@newsbusters) September 4, 2021

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A look at the swing district

Joe Biden's approval numbers have fallen in many of the swing districts he won in the 2020 presidential election. The biggest change can be seen in Michigan's 8th District, where Biden's job admission has dropped to 42%.

The numbers range from three to seven in Florida # 7, Michigan # 11, Virginia # 2, and Washington # 8. Joe Biden carried all of these districts in 2020, and currently they are all represented by Democrats.

And in a preview of what could come for the Democrats, Biden is in 3rd grade.

This is what REGRET looks like. Biden's survey #s crater in the basement amid its numerous national and international crises. The first step in putting a stop to this disastrous government is to take back the House and Senate in next year's midterm elections.

– New York GOP (@NewYorkGOP) September 9, 2021

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Will Biden run in 2024?

A recent poll by Emerson College found that if Donald Trump were to hold the 2024 presidential election today, Joe Biden would be 47% to 46% ousted. That is, provided both run in 2024.

Donald Trump has indicated that he will be there for 2024. Many other potential GOP contenders have or will not say whether they are considering a run until Trump makes an announcement.

Joe Biden will be 79 years old in a few weeks, making him the oldest president. The state of the country at this point and possible health issues could be the decision makers for Biden.

Democrats are already concerned about the 2022 midterm elections. By 2024, the last thing they may need is Joe Biden to run for re-election.

Some experts at ABC appeared shocked when recent polls showed Joe Biden's approval ratings were falling.

– MediaResearchCenter (@theMRC) September 5, 2021

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