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Guess who's coming for dinner at Trump Doral? Alleged sex traffickers, fanatics and pardons

People who allegedly tried to obtain a preventive pardon from Trump before leaving office are also on the program. For example, MP Paul Gosar took the time to tweet cryptically bizarre misogynist pseudosciences, attend lecture tours by white supremacists, and be an alleged riot to speak at the conference, as alleged sex trafficker representative Matt Gaetz did. Other luminaries such as Pizzagate-Con promoter Jack Posobiec and early QAnon promoter Tracy Diaz, known by her QAnon handle Tracybeanz, are expected to deliver speeches that are likely filled with all sorts of lazy conspiracy theories about what "globalists" are looking for are to control you.

But fear not – according to Forbes, there are fun * things to do at this conference:

The program includes a pool party, a fashion show and a lecture by one of the “outstanding voices of the movement to raise awareness of vaccination risks”. Access to Roger Stone's VIP Martini Mixer, where he shares the cocktail recipe he learned from Richard Nixon, costs an additional $ 1,000 (only 20 tickets are available).

Wait a second! I think I just vomited in my mouth. Roger Stone is best known for being unhinged and a convicted liar and a criminal offender. D’Souza is a well-known campaign finance liar and fraud. Michael Flynn hit a deal because his entire career turned out to be a true American failure.

But if you are concerned that there won't be big celebrities at the event, don't be afraid! 90s TV Hercules Kevin Sorbo is supposed to be at the event! Wowser! Sorbo has been kicking around on the right wing for some time. The limited actor attempted to make Christian films and publicly attacked Jewish people during the Obama administration. In recent years he has linked his unnaturally dark hair and the matching leather jacket to the fact that the Antifa was responsible for the uprising in the Capitol on January 6th.

Some other notable names include the right wing, libertarian, DeVos-funded educational nightmare Corey DeAngelis, as well as the Trump apologist and Pastor Mark Burns, TV preacher from South Carolina. Anti-Vaxx crusader Del Bigtree will be at the event to likely be spreading more scientific-sounding misinformation about COVID-19 and MMR vaccines. But fear not – this is all cast in one piece, and anti-immigrant crusaders like Sabine Durden and Kambree Nelson will be there to remind people of how racism arises.

the American Priority Conference (AmpFest) started in 2018 and attracted MAGA guys who also love the white dog whistle of "American nationalism".

In addition, these guys are supposed to perform at the event.

I think I threw up again.

* The term "fun" means "gross".

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