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GOP representative Adam Kinzinger supports Biden with the vaccination mandate

MP Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said President Biden's vaccination mandate would save lives and called on his own party to play politics with vaccination.

Adam Kinzinger says Biden's vaccination mandate will save lives


MP Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) calls his own party and supports Biden with the vaccine mandate: "I think it will save lives and – and the failure here comes with leaders who basically got vaccine status as a tattoo of." which political tribe you belong to. "

Transcript via Face The Nation by CBS:

MARGARET BRENNAN: We'll watch that. I want to go to vaccines. This is also a threat to national security, the health of the American public. The president dropped this far-reaching vaccination mandate because he's frustrated that 80 million Americans haven't gotten this shot in the arm and – and COVID is rising again. He said he was doing this because Republican governors were unconcerned with their voters, especially children. Doesn't he have a point?

REP. KINZINGER: Oh, I think he's right. Look, II – I don't know if all of his mandates will stand up to court. There are constitutional questions about some of them. I leave that to the lawyers because I really don't know, but I think it will save lives and – and the failure here comes from leaders who have basically used vaccination status as a tattoo to whatever political tribe one heard. I mean, we all hear stories from people who are in very red areas who are embarrassed to say they are vaccinated. This is insane and silly, and this is a problem with leaders, especially Republican leaders, who don't stand up and cover people up and say, look, this is not what Republicanism or Conservatism should be. And you see these governors doing that, you know? Mike DeWine in Ohio. And they are just pushed aside by some who just manipulate our grassroots, raise money from them and don't care about their lives, they just care about what it means to their votes and their bottom line as politicians. It's actually pretty sad.

MARGARET BRENNAN: The RNC itself, the Republican National Committee, has said they want to propose, but that is rhetoric as nothing has been done by the administration. Is that what you mean when you say raise money for it?

REP. KINZINGER: Well, it is – it is everything. I mean it is them. It's – if you really look at every Republican, you know, not just any rep – there are many who don't, but there are some, you know, Republican members of Congress and so on who raise funds after E- Mails about the first donations have been collected, it will be a vaccine mandate –


REP. KINZINGER: – Next, the Gestapo will appear at your door and take your Bible with them. That won't happen, and that plays with people's fear.

Republicans kill people because they think it will help them win.

The only reason Republicans oppose vaccinations is because they believe it can appeal to their grassroots and win the midterm elections. Republicans stand ready to kill some of their own supporters if that increases their chances of winning back the House and Senate.

Given that public polls show their positions are preferred by around 25% of voters, they are unlikely to be successful.

Rep. Kinzinger is a Republican, but he's a Republican who takes his job seriously and puts his country before his party.

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