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Senator Amy Klobuchar announces she had breast cancer

Senator Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., Speaks to reporters en route to the Senate for a vote in Washington on Thursday, June 17, 2021.

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Senator Amy Klobuchar announced Thursday that she was diagnosed with stage 1A breast cancer earlier this year.

In a post on Medium, the 61-year-old Minnesota Democrat said doctors found abnormalities on a mammogram in February, followed by a biopsy that led to the diagnosis.

The cancer was removed during a lumpectomy followed by radiation treatment, the 2020 former presidential candidate wrote.

"Of course, this was scary at times since cancer is the word we all fear, but at this point my doctors believe that my chances of getting cancer again are no greater than the average person," she wrote.

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On ABC News' "Good Morning America," Klobuchar said later Thursday that she had postponed her mammograms during the coronavirus pandemic.

Even before the pandemic made access to medical facilities difficult, millions of US families had neglected to use health services for reasons of cost, according to surveys. Recent studies have found that many adults delay medical checkups or other examinations because of Covid.

"I've learned a lot this year, as I know how important it is to take these exams and also to be grateful for everyone who surrounds me – my family, my husband," said Klobuchar.

"It's something that nobody wants to hear or experience, but it has really renewed my trust in the people around me and in my purpose," she said.

The diagnosis and treatment of Klobuchar fell at a hectic and difficult time, both personally and professionally. She chairs the Senate's Democratic Steering and Rules Committee and a subgroup of the Justice Committee that deals with antitrust issues.

Klobuchar said he oversaw "a series of hearings" related to the US rescue plan, the $ 1.9 trillion Covid Relief Act that Biden signed in March.

"I had radiation two days after my father died," she said, noting that "his long goodbye" was Alzheimer's disease.

"So that was going on then," she said.

Klobuchar's husband, John Bessler, recovered from a hospital stay with Covid in March 2020.

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