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News Summary: California Recall Election Approaches; Rudy is doing a Rudy again

If you can turn a memory of 9/11 into a dizzying speech about which royals you are affiliated with and which ones you are DEFINITELY NOT with, then you could be a Rudy.

On the news today: Republicans attempt to remove the Democratic governor of California on grounds, with a face-to-face vote Tuesday. It started out as a clown show and seems determined to end as one. Elsewhere in the country, the now fascist Rudy Giuliani took the time to spread new anti-democratic conspiracy theories to protect his own tarnished legacy with a speech on 9/11 (?) Elsewhere in the country, even red state colleges are giving the kind of vaccination and mask mandates who are still trying to sabotage Republican governors: it's one thing to make speeches about your right to spread a deadly disease and another thing to actually be in charge of one of the places where it can easily spread .

Here are some of what you might have missed:

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