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Republican tantrum after FEC rules Twitter fails to violate electoral law by blocking unfounded Hunter Biden articles

Republicans responded with a fit of anger after the FEC rejected their complaint that Twitter violated the franchise by blocking an unreplaced Hunter Biden article.

The New York Times reported:

The federal electoral commission has denied Republicans allegations that Twitter broke electoral law in October by preventing people from posting links to an unfounded New York Post article about Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s son Hunter Biden, setting precedent for future cases of social media sites and federal campaigns.

The F.E.C. noted that Twitter's action on the Hunter Biden article was taken for a valid commercial reason, not a political one, and was therefore permissible according to a document outlining the decision received from the New York Times.

Republicans reacted to their recent defeat

Donald Trump Jr., who is basically a Hunter Biden stalker, tweeted:

The New York Times wants you to still believe that Hunter Biden's laptop is "unfounded" even though we've all seen the videos from the laptop of him smoking crack with our own eyes.

Because of this, the corporate media has lost all credibility.


– Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) September 13, 2021

Dana Loesch tweeted:

It wasn't "unfounded". The entertainment of the Biden by the media is a contribution in kind.

– Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) September 13, 2021

Fox News media reporter:

The only "unsubstantiated article" circulating on Twitter at the time was that of Politico, which referred to Hunter Biden's laptop as "Russian disinformation."

– Joseph A. Wulfsohn (@JosephWulfsohn) September 13, 2021

Republicans' goal is to stop social media companies from removing disinformation.

The FEC ruling means social media companies have the power to remove incorrect information. That power has become the enemy of the Republicans, who have stalled their efforts, particularly Twitter, to spread propaganda. Facebook has done much, much less to stop the spread of misinformation and disinformation.

Republicans never got over Donald Trump's ban, and although they claimed to be indignant at the use of the word unfounded, in reality they knew about the ability of social media companies to block their lies.

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