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Army vet posts pictures showing Rep. Cawthorn may have had a hidden dagger at the school board meeting

Here are the pictures.

Carey told the Citizen Times, “I am 100% sure it was a knife. I was in the military for 20 years. Attention to detail is my bread and butter and has kept me alive. "The Citizen Times advises that General Statute 14-269.2 of North Carolina makes it a" Class 1 offense for any person openly or covertly too. " own or wear, "a Bowie. makes a knife or a switchblade. The super PAC Fire Madison Cawthorn posted this picture of the possible type of knife that Cawthorn allegedly tried to hide during a school council meeting.

Army Veteran Carey recently announced his candidacy for the seat of the 11th District of Cawthorn. Carey boils down to a couple of things: first, the notion that Democrats "come for your guns is a lie," and second, Cawthorn is a bastard who is unabashedly more interested in what brings Madison to the next level in GOP power, ladder when he does something for the people who voted for him. "I ask you to join me if you are tired of the scare tactics, half-truths, incompetence and the false warrior bravo of our current representative."

Carey told the Citizen Times that he cares less whether or not Cawthorn will be charged with violating this law; he rather wonders: In what reality does Cawthorn think he has to bring a knife to a school council meeting? "There are children. There is no need for a gun."

The Charlotte Observer reports that in response to the allegation, Cawthorn had the following to say when it came to his attention after another school board meeting in Johnston County, North Carolina: “I don't really know anything about this. I have to see it, but I don't know anything about it. "

But according to the Henderson County Public Schools spokesman Molly McGowan Gorsuch, the county, has notified the Henderson County Sheriff's Office regarding Cawthorn: “We are committed to the safety of our employees, students and members of the public in our schools and on our property and will continue to work fully with law enforcement . "

This isn't the first time Cawthorn has broken the law with guns. One of the many reasons people are calling for Cawthorn to be expelled from Congress is that in addition to inciting violence in the House of Representatives on the 6th, Cawthorn loaded him with a gun – a federal offense.

By the way, that's just an example. In late July, a police report confirmed that the dung legislature was illegally transporting weapons at Asheville Regional Airport back in February. Cawthorn was reportedly questioned by the TSA after a Glock 9mm pistol was found in his hand luggage. Cawthorn's office said it was mistakenly left in his hand baggage but should be stowed in his checked baggage. According to the news, Cawthorn was not fined for his violation.

Cawthorn is approaching an election year. Not unlike most elected officials in our modern day Citizens United Supreme Court Disaster Time, Cawthorn keeps running for re-election. However, like Trump and many modern Republicans, Cawthorn is only interested in power and re-election, and his mediocrity as a person means he can't Multitask and focus on just one thing: advertise for yourself. As a member of the Daily Kos community randallt was busy covering for DKos Asheville, Cawthorn spends most of his time looking for cameras and microphones, hoping to say provocative selfish things.

Cawthorn's Monday acting is natural and apparently part of his recent campaign to travel across his state to soak up the toxic fumes of angry and frightened parents while he pretends to fight for "freedom" by assaulting a mask on public demands Schools.

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