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Just like Brett Kavanaugh, the FBI lied and covered up Larry Nassar's abuse of US gymnasts

US gymnasts testify before the US Senate, describing exactly how, as in the Brett Kavanaugh case, the FBI lied to cover up sexual abuse by Larry Nassar.

Video of gymnast Maggie Nichols:

Former American gymnast Maggie Nichols says the FBI lied and covered up Larry Nassar's sexual abuse.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 15, 2021

Nichols said:

The FBI did betrayed me and the abused Larry Nassar after I got in touch. It is well documented in the OIG report. After reporting my abuse Family and I were told about theirs former president to be silent and say nothing that could violate the FBI investigation. We now know that there wasn't a real one FBI investigation ongoing.

While my complaints at the FBI, Larry Nassar continued Abuse of women and girls. During this time the FBI issued no search warrants and no made Arrests. .The FBI didn't just fail conduct a thorough examination, but they also knew this usage and the US OPC has a wrong one Narration of where Larry Nassar was to retirewith intact reputation, and Return to Michigan State Uuniversity so that dozens from being little girls harassed.

Error reporting correctly Authorities and the special The agent in charge wanted become the new director of Security — a Job offer increased by Steve Penny. Then the FBI agent responsible OIG lied to the investigation Investigator about what happened. This behavior of these FBI agents, iincluding the special agent in accuse who are held up respect and protect expected the public is unacceptable, disgusting and shameful.

The same FBI falsified the sexual assault investigation of Brett Kavanaugh

Unfortunately, this is a pattern of behavior in the FBI. The FBI admitted in July that the sexual assault investigation of then Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh was a fraud.

Why is the FBI Covering Up Accused Sex Offenders? Why doesn't the FBI protect victims of rape and sexual assault?

How does FBI Director Chris Wray still get his job?

It's time for a full investigation into the FBI's wrongdoing.

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